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Our Network

At Network Unlimited we create the optimal environment for networking success. We are a professional networking group that aims to bring each other general and qualified leads. Your chapter becomes a “secret sales force” of 18-25 members working to promote you. We meet every week at the same time and places to have a constructive meeting.

The Format

  1. Introduction: Mission Statement, Officer and Guest Introduction, New Business
  2. Each Member delivers a “60 second elevator speech”, including what their business does and good business leads for them that week.
  3. The assigned speaker (rotates through the member) delivers a ten-minute speech about their business.
  4. We pass out leads and give testimonials.
  5. Meeting adjourned.

Visit a Twin Cities Chapter!

  • Eagan, Tuesdays @ 4:30pm
  • Edina, Wednesdays @ 8:00am
  • Woodbury, Wednesdays @ 8:30am
  • Plymouth, Thursdays @ 8:30am
  • Bloomington, Fridays @ 7:30am

Business Owners

Attend any of the Network Unlimited chapters (if your category is not already filled in the chapter) to see how networking can grow your business through our great referral system. Find contacts and meeting information anytime, anywhere through our convenient app for any mobile device. You can attend any of the meetings up to three times before deciding to become a member.

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